Listing Criteria

Does your project use the correct ticker?

Your projects website must clearly define the Bitcoin Cash ticker as BCH. Projects not using the correct ticker will be disqualified from listing.

Does your project use the correct name?

Your projects website must define Bitcoin Cash in it's full name. Projects which ammend or append additions to the name "Bitcoin Cash" will be disqualified from listing.

Does your wallet provide seed type and derivation path?

Bitcoin Cash wallet applications must include seed type and derivation paths.

Does your project clearly feature Bitcoin Cash?

Applicants website's must clearly feature or promote Bitcoin Cash. Adding minimal support does not guarantee listing.

Does your project use the Bitcoin Cash logo?

We encourage applicants to use the Bitcoin Cash logo available in our graphics section. Branding should remain consistent with While not required, using the logos available on logo increases your chances of being listed.

Does your project remain objective to the facts?

Applicants website's must remain objective. Derogotary statements against Bitcoin Cash to promote a specific agenda may lead to a declined application.

Does your project appear professional and user friendly?

Applicant websites must appear professional. User Interface (UI) should be simple for new users.

Is your project trusted and vetted by the Bitcoin Cash community?

Applicants should reach out to the Bitcoin Cash community via Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, or Slack. Projects that have been vetted by trusted members within the community are more likely to receive an approved application. We receive thousands of applications, those which have a stronger online presence are more likely to be accepted.

Workgroup's Discretion

We reserve the right to decline applications at our discretion.

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