Bitcoin Cash: Scaling the Globe

The Bitcoin Cash Conference & ForkDay Celebration

August 1, 2020

05:30 UTC / 07:30 CEST / 13:30 GMT+8 / 22:30 PDT (-1)

More than 70 speakers are joining Bitcoin Cash this August 1st for an online conference that aims to chart a path forward towards scaling and mass adoption for the top-5 cryptocurrency. Join us as a viewer, ask questions or even as a panelist or speaker. Questions? Email [email protected]. Download the event press release here.

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Speaker Schedule

05:30 am UTC
07:30 am CEST
13:30 pm GMT+8
22:30 Pm PDT (-1)

Stories from South Sudan: Beyond the Conflict with Bitcoin Cash

Emmanuel will share success stories from his work on Bitcoin Cash adoption and onboarding merchants. He will also recount stories of resilience in times of conflict and how Bitcoin Cash has become a saviour in a most difficult moment during the South Sudan conflicts. He will tell us how his project got started and how they are turning South to truly become the BCH City.

Emmanuel Lobijo

Founder & Executive Director, Junub Open Space

06:00 am UTC
08:00 am CEST
14:00 pm GMT+8
23:00 Pm PDT (-1)

The Outlook for Crypto-Paid Travel Post-Coronavirus

At, you can book hotels and accomodations worldwide paying with Bitcoin Cash. Join Travala CMO Ben Rogers to learn what is happening with crypto-paid travel in the post-coronavirus world.

Ben Rogers

CMO, Travala

06:30 am UTC
08:30 am CEST
14:30 pm GMT+8
23:30 Pm PDT (-1)

Panel Discussion: Bitcoin Cash Mining and the Future

Including: Jason Zhuang (, Jiang Zhuoer (, Min Yang (CCTip) and Murodjon Khamraev (Bitmain).

To join this panel, email [email protected].

This panel will be in Chinese. 小组讨论将以中文进行。

Simultaneous translation for Chinese-English will be available during this time.

Cindy Wang

Co-Founder, Satoshi’s Angels


07:00 am UTC
09:00 am CEST
15:00 pm GMT+8
00:00 am PDT

Evolution of Digital Assets Trading

Ruby leads the Marketing team at BitKan, the leading Smart Trade platform which allows users to trade across exchanges with just one account. Founded in 2012, BitKan’s investors include Bitmain and IDG Capital. Learn from Ruby how to enhance your Bitcoin Cash trading and HODL strategies by using BitKan’s Smart Trade and Grid Trade features.

Ruby Chen

CMO, Bitkan

07:30 am UTC
09:30 am CEST
15:30 pm GMT+8
00:30 am PDT

The Importance of Marketing Bitcoin Cash

Learn how to effectively market Bitcoin Cash from the renowned BCH entrepreneur and YouTuber, and creator of the They Lie video.

Hayden Otto


08:00 am UTC
10:00 am CEST
16:00 pm GMT+8
01:00 am PDT

A Tech Auditor’s Perspective on Bitcoin

Joannes Vermorel founded Lokad, his software company, 12 years ago. As his company was growing, he did what software entrepreneurs frequently do, and started taking money from VCs. Except that instead of selling shares of his company, he became a part-time technology auditor for VCs, performing tech audits of startups – one day per month or so. Based on his experience which includes dozens of tech audits of startups, Joannes shares his views on the state of affairs of Bitcoin.

Joannes Vermorel

CEO, Lokad

08:30 am UTC
10:30 am CEST
16:30 pm GMT+8
01:30 am PDT

SLP Tokens on Bitcoin Cash are the Future

Learn from Stefan Rust his vision for how to build value and Bitcoin Cash mass adoption using Simple Ledger Protocol tokens.

Stefan Rust

Director, SLP Foundation

09:00 am UTC
11:00 am CEST
17:00 pm GMT+8
02:00 am PDT

Covid-19 Effect: Outlook on Crypto Markets

Simultaneous translation for Chinese-English will be available during this time.

Gin Chao

CSO, Binance

09:30 am UTC
11:30 am CEST
17:30 pm GMT+8
02:30 am PDT

Topic To Be Announced

Simultaneous translation for Chinese-English will be available during this time.

Haipo Yang


10:00 am UTC
12:00 Pm CEST
18:00 pm GMT+8
03:00 am PDT

Topic To Be Announced

Simultaneous translation for Chinese-English will be available during this time.

Jiang Zhuoer


10:30 am UTC
12:30 Pm CEST
18:30 pm GMT+8
03:30 am PDT


To apply for this slot, email [email protected].

Simultaneous translation for Chinese-English will be available during this time.

11:00 am UTC
13:00 Pm CEST
19:00 pm GMT+8
04:00 am PDT

Ask Vin Armani Anything

Vin Armani is a philosopher, serial tech entrepreneur, and CryptoSavage. In addition to being an author and speaker, he has made his living as a television star, film producer, high-end male escort, software developer, art gallerist, pirate radio station operator, DJ, music producer, and motorcycle courier.

Vin Armani

11:30 am UTC
13:30 Pm CEST
19:30 pm GMT+8
04:30 am PDT

HoneyPay: a Modern Point Card System Built with SLP Tokens on Bitcoin Cash

HoneyPay is now integrated with Square, create your own modern Point Card system, in 2 minutes! Become a Honeybee today!


Jean-Baptiste Dominguez

Founder, HoneyPay

12:00 Pm UTC
14:00 Pm CEST
20:00 pm GMT+8
05:00 am PDT

Envision Bitcoin Cash’s Future

Join Amaury Séchet, Founder of Bitcoin Cash and Lead Developer of Bitcoin ABC, as he lays out his vision for the future of Bitcoin Cash as world-scale money.

Amaury Séchet

Lead Developer, Bitcoin ABC

12:30 Pm UTC
14:30 Pm CEST
20:30 pm GMT+8
05:30 am PDT

Huobi Global and Bitcoin Cash

Including: Ciara Sun (Head of Global Business and Markets, Huobi),  Roger Ver (Founder, and George Donnelly (CEO, Panmoni).

Topics to discuss include Huobi’s innovative products for the cryptocurrency space and opportunities where Huobi and Bitcoin Cash can grow together.

Ciara Sun

Head of Global Business and Markets, Huobi

13:00 Pm UTC
15:00 Pm CEST
21:00 pm GMT+8
06:00 am PDT

The Importance of Developers: Business and Software

Roger Ver is the world’s first Investor in Bitcoin startups. Discover what he thinks about development from both the business and software perspectives.

Roger Ver


13:30 Pm UTC
15:30 Pm CEST
21:30 pm GMT+8
06:30 am PDT

Panel Discussion: How to Onboard the Next 1 Million Bitcoin Cash Users

Including: Kousha Rismansanj (BCH Ghana), Oscar Salas (, Boyan Kelchev (Poype/BCH Sofia), Akane Yokoo (Satoshi’s Angels), Emmanuel Lobijo Josto (Junub Open Space), Jajaa S. (Bangkok Bitcoin Cash Meetup), Emily Dallara (Saigon Bitcoin Cash Meetup), Dimitri Kaparis (Poype/BCH Sofia) and Francesco Simoncelli (Melis Wallet).

To join this panel, email [email protected]. Moderator sought.

George Donnelly

Founder, BCH Ignite


14:00 Pm UTC
16:00 Pm CEST
22:00 pm GMT+8
07:00 am PDT

Panel Discussion: Avalanche Pre-Consensus on Bitcoin Cash

Including: Amaury Séchet (Bitcoin ABC), Antony Zegers (Bitcoin ABC), Tyler Smith (Ava Labs) and Chris Pacia (BCHD).

To join this panel, email [email protected].

Antony Zegers

Technical Operations Manager, Bitcoin ABC


14:30 Pm UTC
16:30 Pm CEST
22:30 pm GMT+8
07:30 am PDT

Panel Discussion: The Future of Bitcoin Cash Wallets

Including: Paul Puey (Edge Wallet), Matias Alejo Garcia (BitPay), Corbin Fraser (, Chris Pacia (Open Bazaar/Haven), Romit (, Tobias Ruck (, Shammah Chancellor (Stamp Chat), Francesco Simoncelli (Mellis Wallet) and Baudoin Collard (

To join this panel, email [email protected].

Kousha Rismansanj

Founder, BCH Ghana


15:00 Pm UTC
17:00 Pm CEST
23:00 pm GMT+8
08:00 am PDT

Be.Cash + Saipan: The Bitcoin Cash Game-Changer is the next iteration of blockchain payments, and it’s happening on Bitcoin Cash. The card allows crypto payments that feel exactly like credit card payments, but actually are transactions on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. Tobias will start adoption of in Saipan, a small US island in the Pacific, with the goal of adopting the entire island.

Tobias Ruck


15:30 Pm UTC
17:30 Pm CEST
23:30 pm GMT+8
08:30 am PDT

How Stamp Chat Will Change Messaging

CashWeb is a suite of protocols providing an open messaging standard with a reference implementation called “Stamp”. It uses a federated network topology, similar to XMPP and SMTP, to provide the necessary scaling characteristics to replace those technologies. It is unique in that it provides end-to-end encryption and abuse mitigation without the need for central moderation.

Shammah Chancellor

Founder, Stamp Chat

16:00 Pm UTC
18:00 Pm CEST
00:00 Am GMT+8
09:00 am PDT

What Causes Prosperity

Poverty is mankind’s original state, but we’re not condemned to be poor – and indeed we are not. Per Bylund will talk about how to make prosperity happen, and what the daily process of a free and open society would look like.

Per Bylund

Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship and Records-Johnston Professor, Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University

16:30 Pm UTC
18:30 Pm CEST
0:30 Am GMT+8
09:30 am PDT

NextGen Crypto Derivatives

Lennix has over a decade of experience in the financial industry, specialized on high-frequency trading, DMA (Direct Market Access), asset management, front-to-back trading operation, risk management, and compliance. Now he plays a key role in product development, enhancing customer experience, and improving the platform of OKEx.

Lennix Lai

Director of Financial Markets, OKEx

17:00 Pm UTC
19:00 Pm CEST
01:00 Am GMT+8
10:00 am PDT

Infrastructure for Bitcoin Cash

Bloq ( are experts in multi-chain, multi-network infrastructure and their services have supported Bitcoin Cash since launch. These services include nodes-on-demand and managed APIs. The Bloq platform even accepts BCH as a method of payment. Learn more from one of Bitcoin’s early contributors

Jeff Garzik

CEO & Co-Founder, Bloq, inc.

17:30 Pm UTC
19:30 Pm CEST
01:30 Am GMT+8
10:30 am PDT

How to Get Started as a Bitcoin Cash Application Developer

Chris ‘trout’ Troutner will introduce the concept of the ‘Cash Stack’, a framework for building web and phone apps that can interact with the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. Examples of such applications include:,,,

Chris Troutner

Founder, Permissionless Software Foundation

18:00 Pm UTC
20:00 Pm CEST
02:00 Am GMT+8
11:00 am PDT

Fireside Chat: The Strategy of Freedom

Led by Naomi Brockwell (NBTV), this fireside chat will discuss ideas of libertarian theory, political economy, and game theory. These concepts will be used to derive principles that can be applied to effectively advancing liberty in the real world, including with Bitcoin Cash.

Antony Zegers

Technical Operations Manager, Bitcoin ABC

18:30 Pm UTC
20:30 Pm CEST
02:30 Am GMT+8
11:30 am PDT

Panel Discussion: Bitcoin Cash and Media

Including: C. Edward Kelso (Coinspice), Don Wonton (Decentralized Thought), Grey Jabesi (, Linzerd (Coinspice) and  Scott Cunningham (Crypto & Things).

To join this panel, email [email protected].

Naomi Brockwell

TV Producer & Host of NBTV


19:00 Pm UTC
21:00 Pm CEST
03:00 Am GMT+8
12:00 Pm PDT

Bitcoin Cash is Monetary Reform for the World

Jeffrey A. Tucker is an American economics writer of the Austrian School, an advocate of anarcho-capitalism and Bitcoin, a publisher of libertarian books, a conference speaker, and an internet entrepreneur.

Jeffrey A. Tucker

Editorial Director, American Institute for Economic Research

19:30 Pm UTC
21:30 Pm CEST
03:30 Am GMT+8
12:30 Pm PDT

Panel Discussion: Tokens on Bitcoin Cash for the Win!

Including: PSF (Chris Troutner), ZAPT (Romit), SPICE (“Spice Queen” Laura), SOUR (SOURtoshi), RNEW (Nath_Swerve), DROP (Semyon Germanovich) and PAN (George Donnelly) as well as Baudoin Collard ( and.

To join this panel, email [email protected].

Liberlander Yoshi Livo


20:00 Pm UTC
22:00 Pm CEST
04:00 Am GMT+8
13:00 Pm PDT

A Descriptive Definition of Memetic Life in the Context of Bitcoin Cash: Towards the Memetic Medicine

Karol Trzeszczkowski

University of Warsaw

20:30 Pm UTC
22:30 Pm CEST
04:30 Am GMT+8
13:30 Pm PDT

Panel Discussion: Building Web Applications for Bitcoin Cash

Including: Chris Troutner (Permissionless Software Foundation, Eleonore Blanc (Satoshi’s Angels), Kieran Mesquita (Common Fund) and Semyon Germanovich (Cryptophyl).

To join this panel, email [email protected].


Bitcoin Cast


21:00 Pm UTC
23:00 Pm CEST
05:00 Am GMT+8
14:00 Pm PDT

Satochip: Open-Sourcing Hardware Wallets for Bitcoin Cash and SLP

Combining security and convenience for mass adoption: we present Satochip, an affordable and open-source hardware wallet based on smartcard technology.

Baudoin Collard
21:30 Pm UTC
23:30 Pm CEST
05:30 Am GMT+8
14:30 Pm PDT

ivendPay’s Future Plans with Bitcoin Cash

ivendPay is the world’s first multi-currency payment system that allows you to accept payments in any cryptocurrency, electronic money or fiat.

Sergey Danilov

Founder, ivendPay

22:00 Pm UTC
00:00 Pm CEST (+1)
06:00 Am GMT+8
15:00 Pm PDT

How to Practice Agorism with Bitcoin Cash

Sally Mayweather is host of The Agora Podcast— logic, revisionism, & counter-economics for revolutionaries  an agorist, cypherpunk, disintermediator and crypto-anarchist.


Sally Mayweather

Host, The Agora Podcast

22:30 Pm UTC
00:30 Pm CEST (+1)
06:30 Am GMT+8
15:30 Pm PDT

Panel Discussion: Bitcoin Cash en Español

Including: David Bravo Da Silva (Coinlogiq SAS), Sebastian Montes (BCH Latam), Oscar Salas (, Jose Araujo (BCH Latam), Tomás Uribe (Vimas Store) and Linzerd (Coinspice).

To join this panel, email [email protected].

This panel will be in Spanish. Este panel de discusión tomará lugar en Español.

George Donnelly

CEO, BCH Latam